You Are Beautiful – Protect That Investment! Part 4 of 4

Following on our previous Blog, this is Part 4 of 4 things you should be doing as part of your beauty regiment.  Why spend money at the salon maximizing your beauty if you don’t do what you can tor protect yourself?

For your nails, consider gel or vinyl nail polish.  You love it when your nails are beautiful.  So do we.  But, even if you take great care of the skin on your hands and feet, chipped nail polish will detract from the beauty.  That, of course, is not fully preventable.  Depending on your job and activities, it can be easy to chip that polish.  A way to extend the life of your polish is to consider gel or vinyl polish, both of which can resist chipping much better than traditional nail polish, in some cases resisting chips for a week or so longer.  There are those who will suggest acrylic nails.  While those do last longer, we are not a fan, for health reasons.  Bacteria can get trapped between the acrylic nail and the natural nail, or around the edges where the natural nail and the acrylic nail come together.  And, as the natural nail grows, a gap is created between the acrylic nail and the nail bed.  You will likely get a periodic fill, but until the fill is done, that gap is an excellent place for dirt and bacteria to collect.  And, once a fill has been done, as the natural nail grows, that gap, albeit small, is back, and again collecting dirt and bacteria.  While it is not a real common occurrence, that dirt and bacteria can enter the body through the skin, through a cut/wound, when you touch your face/mouth/eyes, and cause an infection.  That is why we are not fans of acrylic nails.


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