You Are Beautiful – Protect That Investment! Part 3 of 4

Following on our previous Blog, this is Part 3 of 4 things you should be doing as part of your beauty regiment.  Why spend money at the salon maximizing your beauty if you don’t do what you can tor protect yourself?

  • Protect your skin……..face, hands, and feet in particular (although this is applicable to all of your skin).
    1. Most importantly, even if you do well at avoiding the sun and/or protecting your skin from the sun, moisturize.  The sun is not the only thing that can negatively impact your skin.  The air around us has deposits in it that get absorbed by the skin and cause deterioration.  Of course, age, by itself, causes deterioration.  So, moisturize.  Use a high quality skin moisturizer and apply it as directed.  There are many quality products out there.  Again, we aren’t pushing specific ones here, but we are happy to consult with you and help you determine what is best for your skin.  It is always a good idea to consult with an Esthetician.  If you have any persistent skin issues, you should consult with a Dermatologist.
    2. For your feet in particular, use a safe callus remover (e.g. foot rasp, pumice stone, etc.) to scrape the dead skin off your feet and bring new, healthy skin to the top.  Of course, that will be done for you when you receive a pedicure.  But, in between pedicures you can do so yourself with a pumice stone.  For best results soak any calloused skin in warm water for about 5 minutes or until the skin is soft and supple.  Then, wet the pumice stone with warm water and, with light pressure, scrape the skin in a circular motion.  If the skin is soft and supple, the dead skin should start coming off rather easily.  Continue until you have exposed new, healthy skin.  Then, wash the area and follow by applying a moisturizer.

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