You Are Beautiful – Protect That Investment! Part 2 of 4

Following on our previous Blog, this is Part 2 of 4 things you should be doing as part of your beauty regiment.  Why spend money at the salon maximizing your beauty if you don’t do what you can tor protect yourself?

  • Protect that beautiful hair!
    1. Quality shampoos and conditioners are much better for hair than many “economy” products.  Some shampoo products can be very harsh on your hair due to the cleansing ingredients that are used.  Some conditioning products do not really moisturize the hair all that well, or protect it from the sun.  We’re not here to endorse certain products over others.  At the salon we use only quality products that will contribute to the health and appearance of your hair, and we are happy to work with you to identify which would work best for you.  But, regardless of where you get your products, do some research and make sure they are quality products that will actually help your hair!
    2. If you color your hair, the shampoo and conditioner you use becomes even more important.  Some, even quality products, will wash the color out of your hair more quickly.  Make sure you use color friendly products.  Ask your Stylist for recommendations.
    3. How often should you wash your hair?  There are different schools of thought on that, so it tends to come down to personal preference or what you feel works best for you.  Some will say to wash your hair only every few days, rather than daily.  As shampoo, even quality shampoo, can dry your hair.  The more frequently you wash it, the faster it can dry out, eventually becoming brittle, or causing split ends, or simply diminishing the health of the hair.  However, washing infrequently can also cause the hair to become more oily and more dirty, detracting from its appearance.  That can also have negative effects on the skin on your face as the hair transfers oil and dirt to your skin.  Others will argue that you should wash your hair daily, to keep it more clean and healthy, which is a fully acceptable option.  However, if you prefer that path, you should take care to condition your hair daily as well, to keep in the moisture.  Again, make sure you use a quality conditioner in order to avoid a build up of oil on the hair.

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