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Rough, cracked heels is a common problem.  However, unlike Humpty Dumpty, they can be “put back together”. For many people this is a purely cosmetic problem, but neglecting it can lead to more serious things. The skin can itch, it can become inflamed, it begin to bleed, you can feel discomfort, and the discomfort can turn into pain.

It is now sandal season and so many people are embarrassed to put their feet out there. You should pamper your feet. If you are experiencing severe foot problems, you should consult a Podiatrist

But, there are treatments you can perform for yourself, from the outside.

  • Soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes in warm water with lemon juice added to it. Avoid using very hot water, which can cause your feet to dry out more.
  • Scrub your cracked heels using a pumice stone.
  • While in the shower/bath scrub your heels with a pumice stone. After your shower/bath massage a moisturizer into your entire feet, especially your heels. Olive oil, sesame oil, and coconut oil are good choices as a moisturizer. It can be best to moisturize your heels before bed, so your heels have lots of time to soak up the oil.
  • Indian lilac, also known as margosa leaves or neem, is an effective remedy for your cracked feet, especially when they become itchy and infected.Neem soothes dry, irritated skin and fights infection, thanks to its fungicidal properties.
  • The combination of glycerin and rose water makes an effective home treatment for cracked heels. Glycerin softens the skin, which is why it is widely used in cosmetics. Rose water adds vitamins A, B3, C, D, and E as well as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Just mix equal amounts of glycerin and rose water thoroughly and rub it on your heels and feet daily before going to bed at night.
  • Always use clean cotton socks. Cotton will allow air to circulate while your feet soak up the moisture.
  • Enjoy your happy feet!

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