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There are a ton of home remedies out there to try that may naturally lengthen your lashes. Here are some to try. Results vary by person, so see which works best for you.

  • Olive oil and castor oil are both said to lengthen your lashes when applied before applying a clean mascara and and left on overnight. To optimize your results, add lemon peel to your oil. You will want to let your lemon and oil infuse for about a week before using. After 2-3 months of consistent application you should start to see fuller, longer and healthier lashes.
  • Groom your lashes as you would your hair. Gently brush them twice a day, with an eyelash brush or comb.  It can help to apply olive oil or vitamin E oil to the brush before brushing.  Brushing will help stimulate growth and the oil with moisturize and help prevent breakage.
  • Apply a petroleum jelly to your lashes (it can also be used when brushing your lashes, in place of olive oil or vitamin E oil).  It can help stimulate growth.  Apply at night, before bed, and leave on through the night.  In the morning rinse with warm water.
  • Use vitamin, B, D, and E supplements daily.  All help strengthen the lashes to withstand the regular use of mascara and curlers.
  • Be very gentle when using eyelash curlers.  They can damage the lashes, especially if they are brittle.
  • Gently remove makeup and mascara as soon as you get home. The longer the lashes are exposed to your makeup and mascara, the more easily they can be damaged.
  • Believe it or not, if you don’t have an good essential oil or petroleum jelly immediately available, you can lightly apply lip balm to the lashes to help moisturized and protect them.

Don’t expect immediate results. All take effect with repeated use, over time.  Obviously, be careful to avoid getting any of the oils/balms in your eyes.  Should you experience any issues, consult your doctor immediately.


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