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Take care of your skin!

We live in a sunny, beautiful environment that allows us to enjoy the outdoors.  But the dry, desert sun can be the enemy of our skin.  Always take precautions in the sun by using sunblock.  But be sure to treat your skin to a relaxing, healthy facial treatment that helps to heal and protect your skin against the sun’s damage and the natural process of aging.

Great for both women and men!

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Youth Facial

     Deep cleansing – extractions if needed. For age 11 and under.

     30 min   $ 50

Gentleman’s Facial

     A treatment designed just for men, for their specific needs.

     60 min   $ 80

Acne Facial

     Deep cleans problem skin to improve, tone and texture.

     Helps to heal and promote new healthy skin.

     Extractions if needed.

     60 min   $ 85

Aromatherapy Facial

     This treatment uses a blend of essential oils derived from plants, herbs and

     flowers combined with a light massage to stimulate the Lymphatic System.

     60 min   $ 80

Back Facial

     A great treat for the hard to reach areas on the back.

     Helps with breakouts and clogged pores.

     60 min   $ 95

Supreme Facial

     The ultimate in facial rejuvenation, leaving you relaxed after extraction.

     Heated hand treatment, face, head and back massage.

     90 min   $ 125

Traditional European Facial

     A deep cleansing treatment for any skin type which includes a heated hand

     treatment. No extractions.

     60 min   $ 75

Anti-Aging Facial

     Perfect for mature, aging skin.

     60 min   $ 80

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

     Deep cleansing of the skin, with exfoliation.  Includes

     special focus on removing dead skin and blackheads.

     60 min   $ 80

Mini Facial

     This is a complete facial concentrated into a half hour – no extractions.

     Perfect for those on the go.

     30 min   $ 50

Special Facial Treatments at Green Turtle
Men Facial Treatment - Green Turtle Henderson Nevada

Facial Peels


     $ 90

Microdermabrasion PackageBuy 5 get one FREE

     $ 450

Pumpkin Peels

     $ 50 – 150

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